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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A month - a day since my last post.

I am back again in blogger.

I really hateee the CHICKEN POX MAN! It came during my birthday week.

And the yog thingy i also cannot go.

The only good thing is that I GET TO COMP THE WHOLE DAY XD. Love it.

But cuz of my comping, i got more pimples............

Haizz, i so poor thing. :(

Lol, but thanks, my friends, for ur FANTATIC PRESENTS. (L)

3more weeks to the eoy, 2weeks to lang paper, time sure flies fast.

Did my chi test today, all qn i do very fast except for 3 questions(the last story one cuz i dont understand tat story). And thus, i randomly filled in the questions with letters. :D

Haiyo, i havent start revising. Pathetic ME! I am going... but end up nvr.

Later after i finish my hw, if got time, i MUST STUDY!!

Luckily, my maths i am able to catch up, the rest of the subs must revise.

I better start revisng now b4 history repeats itself : last min revision, hell stressful. ;(

I that time so dam stressed lor.

Okay, maybe i will change the songs and for the blogskin, i lazy change. :X

Now everyday chiong icy tower. LOL~

And quited maple succesfully. :D

Kkays, ending here.



4:49 PM <3

Sunday, August 15, 2010



went to adjust my specs cuz very loose.

Whoo Singapore host YOG! Lol and it's the first in the whole world.

Watched the opening ytd when they show the country names, it took verry loong.

Then, the rest of the part, i watch a bit, play a bit of computer games

Which means, i nvr catch much of the YOG opening.

Ytd, went to the AGAPE opening, bowled for free. Cool, alot of pros.

As Usual.... Homeworks not done yet.. Pathetic ME! Lol.

Sianz, i now play computer games very laggy liao, need cut down.

4tests coming up this week. Haizz, dont even know what is the 4th one. :P

EYE is coming, better start studying, or else i will have to burn midnight oil during EYE.

A week b4 my birthday, looking forward to it. ;)

And then, Shannon keeps playing with my things, lol,

and she called kiankiat twice at different timing. Zzz.

Next time cannot let her play wif my phone liao.

aiyo. Dnt tmr, everytime do so slow, dk can complete in time anot..

Kay, better buck up in my bowling and perhaps, i have to eat vegetables.

Sigh, when i was young, i hate eating them, now, i cant even swallow them..

The moment i am biting, i very spilting them out esp. those crunchy type.

Soft 1 still can. I think 1 of the reason i am weak is cuz i am lack of vitamins?

Oh yes, btw, the CHANNEL 8 9pm show is nice man, very exciting.

Each episode gets u hooked. LOL! Very scary at times ;)

Ending here. See ya.


5:18 PM <3

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hi peeps,

today is tuesday as all of you should know.


Argh, during chi lessons, i was explaning things to Rebecca,

then teacher say i talk too much and move it,

wahlao, very paiseh siah, in the end, i have to move back again zz.

And then, the corrections is the teacher nvr give us time do lor,

not we dont want do,

so, not our fault, teacher cannot be angry with us. :)

Sian, tmr need hand in corrections and file, and need revise for chinese. :(

All of this haven do siah, tmr still have test!!!!!

Getting 3 test result tmr, excited and scared of course.

And art lesson, there is the stupid lizard exploring the class. Shit it man.

Some of my classmates say it went into my bowling bag, i hope it's not true.

And one of them go crash its tail with my and rebecca's table. zzz.

So gross sia, hope it doesnt rot or decompose. :X

And then, hope it wont be around my area!! Pls go someone else thank you. Lol.

Wahlao, tmr test dk i can concentrate anot, with that idiot lizard around. zzzzz.

If i fail, i will push the blame to it. LOL. :)

And my stupid laptop backspace got problem, when i press the backspace.

It deleted almost the whole sentence, like the spring got problem or what. :(

Bowling ah, bowling, haiyo, still the same problem.

Wahlao, what's wrong with me, either i no energy or i not serious.

Must check. Lol, dk how.

Andd, dk want to put singapore songs for my blog to cre8 the spirt anot, see got time first anot lor.

Haiya, i got to go revise now, bbbbbbbbbbbbb.


10:21 PM <3

Friday, July 30, 2010


It's friiiiiddaaayyyyyyyyy. :)

Friday means the day to relax!

Haiz, long time no blog liao &

the reason is very simple : Lazy.

I read through my last post, lol, forgot how blog.

Just changed song, i follow Waikiat's mixpod skin then can.

Today sci test postpone to monday, i dk gd or bad, both i guess?

Haiz need revise chi and history..... :(

I think i am not serious in bowling? Evertime still got so many mistakes.


Homeworks will be done....

on sunday.

Today, it rained.

When we were wating for taxi, we threw the sweet container down to the drain.

It came to a stop when there was no water, we used up all our water but to it was useless.

Lol, aww, it stayed there unconsious(Spelling error).

I wan change skin siah, but lazy put all those templates thingy.

Kay la, bye bye lah, see you lah.

3:19 PM <3

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hi all.

Sec 2 camp coming ah.

Sian la, dont want climb all those stuffs.

Dont want to do all those stuffs.

Lol but still, we still have to climb all those stuffs.

Ytd, went to claudia house with friends.

Fun! We ate lunch there. Yummy.

We listen to music and drank a blended chocolate milk.

The recipes are everything that is related to chocolate u see. Lol.

Although i nvr make, i see they make.

The drink was quite nice actually.

Sports day ytd...

When kk and i were sitting there looking at ppl running, ms ruzana ask us to run.

Arghhh, i did not want to run but still, i ran.

It was 4x100 relay. My team came in last.

Me and kk had to run as 3 of the runners went to basketball instead of going to the sport day.

Anyway, i find it fun after i ran.

Then, after that, it was the cheerleading part.

All i saw was backsides. All of them were blocking the view.

I only get to watch cheetah cheerleading performances.

Ahhhh, Jaguar nvr win this year. How sad.. Sob. :O

Lol. Anyway, still doing my hw.

Got to complete my hw!!


5:51 PM <3

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yo all!

I am too lazy to post a post! :)

Lol, finally willing to scarifice some time to blog.

Playing viwawa this few days! Fun man, buffet wars. ;)

Got 20/25 for sci!! Yes! Lol, hope i can get that high for test 2...

The possiblility is much lower as i dont really listen in class and test 1 topic was taught in p6.

Sad.. A lot of homework this weekend...

Bowling was fun but i still dk how do 3-step properly leh.. :(

Lalala, dk how do blog de music :S

Doing all my homework on sat/sun,

and as for today,

I am going to play com and relax the whole day!! :) (But tuition from 6.30pm-9pm, NOOOO!!!!)

Dk how much i got for cny, going to ask my guardian after cny is fully over, lol.

Okay, bb, going to play viwawa!

Viwawa, here i come! ;)

1:59 PM <3

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hi hi.

today is thursday.

Got bk geo results - 7/15. (Luckily everyone getting 1 mark free cuz teacher nvr say got chp 3 qn.)

Yea, 3rd test passed! :)

Lol, sian lor, today got leadership..

Hate all this type of programmes lor.

Although it's fun, everytime, kk and i will miss out something from bowling. So sian lor.

Learnt the 3steps le. Fun but difficult seh. :S

Haha, Suyi and Gwendolyne performing tmr seh, spot how many times they fall, lol, jkjk. :/

CNY celebration in school tmr, CNY celebration at home on sunday. :)

Aww, bowling coach for the juniors changing. Sad :O.

Tmr damn shiok seh, early dismissal, 2 periods of lessons only. :)

Sad thing is celebration will be very long one and combined recess.. Sianzzz. :'(

Feel like changing my playlist for blog man, but i dk how put the skin code.. Sad :'(

Lol, stopping here, Early gong xi fa cai to all the chineses!!

Buh bye~

10:29 PM <3